Sammi Brown for House of Delegates: The Energy to Make Progress Happen

• Work across the aisle to direct more of our taxpayer dollars back to Jefferson County & the Eastern Panhandle.
• Repeal the Right to Work law that prevents workers from negotiating a fair wage & safe workplace environment.
• Bring new jobs to Charles Town by upgrading our digital infrastructure, investing in effective broadband, & promoting e-commerce.
• Support a State Earned Income Tax Credit that simultaneously invests in working families & boosts the local economy.
• Hold prescription drug companies accountable, while creating a system to invest in rehabilitation, proper pain management, & mental health to treat the root cause of opioid addiction.
• Oppose school budget cuts & fight to increase teacher pay so our teachers aren’t forced to travel out of state to earn a living wage.
• Empower educators in their classrooms to focus on education & mentorship, not excessive standardized testing.
• Ensure our local senior center gets funding to continue serving our community & giving our seniors the quality of life they deserve.